Boxedge & Maryana Bodnar Project

Boxedge & Maryana Bodnar Project is a synthesis between contemporary electronic music and classical opera singing, an innovative and unusual contamination, far from the traditional classical crossover. A musical mix between technology and classical culture, a bridge between the past and the future. The project remains free from narrow artistic categories, relying on creativity, exploration and innovation instead, with a precise market orientation.

Italian composer and producer Boxedge, is influenced by artists as Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Enigma, Dead Can Dance, Gary Numan, Jean Michel Jarre. At the same time, his electronic music is immersed in the contemporary atmospheres of techno, trance and dark ambient.

The voice of Maryana Bodnar, a soprano from Ukraine, with her sensual and recognizable color and timbre, combines style and quality of “bel canto” singing with emphasis and expressivity of contemporary music language.



2017 | Single | “Invocation” Boxedge feat. Maryana Bodnar | words and music by Alessandro Bemporad (Boxedge)
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“Invocation” Cover.jpg

2018 | Single | “Under The Moon” Boxedge feat. Maryana Bodnar | words and music by Alessandro Bemporad (Boxedge)
Under The Moon Press Release (eng).pdf
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BOXEDGE (Alessandro Bemporad)  is a composer, songwriter, and producer from Florence, Italy. His production is an exploration of electronic music, contemporary art and technology. He has produced albums, Ep and singles, available on the main digital stores, ranging from dark ambient to electronic pop, from techno to classic crossover. In 2017 he started an artistic project with soprano Maryana Bodnar, a crossover between electronic music and lyrical singing.

MARYANA BODNAR is a professional Ukrainian soprano. She studied in Rome and Vienna. She participated in master-classes, as well as concerts, solo recitals and lyric opera productions in Austria, Italy, Germany, Ukraine, Poland and Malta and gained number of musical awards and scholarships. Since 2015 she organized in Ukraine and was a soloist of projects of neoclassical music “Night Gravity” and “Flagro”. In 2016 -17 was invited to Valetta (Mt) and Siena (It) to perform classical repertoire revisited in jazz key. In 2017 she started new crossover project of classical and electronic music in collaboration with BOXEDGE.